FAQs & Tips about Self-Storage

  1. Why should I store my belongings at Hobart Storage?

    At Hobart Storage, our top goal is to provide you with amazing service.  Our managers, Tom and Meagan, will work hard to accommodate your specific storage needs.  Our facility is family owned, so you will never be "just a number" to us.  We offer the most competitive rate around, clean, safe and secure storage units, and friendly service.  Our units range from as small as 5' X 5' up to as large as 10' X 30'.  Hobart Storage also offers outdoor parking for your RVs, boats, trailers, cars, vans and trucks.  We provide multiple options for making payments, including autopayment through your credit card or directly from your bank account to give you one less thing to worry about each month.  Stop by today!

  2. When can I access my storage unit?

    You can access your storage unit from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using your gate access code.

  3. What kind of documentation do I need to provide to rent a storage unit?

    You will need to provide a valid, government-issued form of identification (e.g., driver’s license, state ID or passport).

  4. Do you require a security deposit?

    No, we do not require any security deposit.  There is a one time $22 administrative fee.

  5. Do you rent space month to month or do I have to sign a long-term lease?

    Our rental contracts are month-to-month agreements – no long-term lease is required.

  6. What type of payments do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards, personal checks, cashier's checks, and money orders.  You may also set up autopayment directly from your bank account or on a credit card.  Also, our 24/7 Kiosk will accept cash payments.

  7. When and how much do I pay?

    When you come in to sign your contract, you will pay the prorated portion of your rent for the remainder of the month, plus a one time $22 administrative fee.  

  8. When is payment due and what are your late payment policies?

    Payment is due at the beginning of each month.  If payment has not been received by the 5th, the unit will be double locked and the account will be charged a $20 late fee.  Accounts that are more than 60 days overdue are charged a $90 lien processing fee.  If a unit has a balance for over 90 days, the unit may be auctioned.

  9. When is the best time of day to rent my unit?

    Anytime – day or night!

    We have a service kiosk right outside of our main gate, in a small out building. The kiosk kind of looks like an ATM. At that kiosk, you can select and rent your unit, make your payment, get your paperwork, it even gives you your lock and keys right there! If you have any questions while renting your unit, press the “Need Help?” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen and a customer service representative will come right on the line and walk you through the process and answer any questions that you might have. Customer service representatives are available from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.. The kiosk accepts credit cards, debit cards, personal checks, and cash. It does not accept money orders (money orders should be mailed in or dropped off for a staff member to process) and if you pay by cash and overpay, the kiosk is unable to give change. You will instead receive a credit for that amount on your next month’s bill.

    It’s super easy and our tenants love it!